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About Us

About us

About highland hall convent school Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh

Highland Hall Convent School was found in 2009 on the principle that every child has a special ability to learn. We believe that there is much more to education merely teaching a syllabus and preparing children for examination. Our focus is student’s success. We firmly believe that true education begins with knowing and understanding the child.

Our SEPTET-I Policy: At HHCS, we help students discover and develop their inborn qualities namely- Intellect, Ideas, Ingenuity, Inventiveness, Independence, Integrity and Identity.

Beside rigorous scholastic programs, we seek to develop the different facets of a child. We nurture their inquisitiveness and aspirations to bring out the best in them. We put in our very best to provide them with right mentoring, ignite their passion to learn and inspire them for intense focused work so that they can succeed in life.

Our Aim

  • Our school's aim is to impart total quality education with array of extracurricular activities forming the right habits of mind.
  • We believe in life making process instead of certificate building process which eventually leads to individuals academic excellence, behavioral excellence, psycho-social excellence, moral, ethical & spiritual excellence.
  • Our school's aim is to provide an environment in which student discovers and realizes his full potential.

Our Vision

  • HighLand Hall Convent School, shall impart total education in a sincere, dedicated and self confident manner to bring about qualitative education in all sphere of activities. We will work towards other-centeredness in our students and ourselves. We seek to find out the source of inspiration for other.
  • We strive to give more emphasis to developed understanding and appreciation among the students.
  • Our endeavour is to be open to all kind of wise suggestions.

Our Mission

  • The school is fully committed to create high minded, high spirited, smart generation next and a true Indian.
  • The school is fully committed to educate the students to develop human qualities and values. We strive to make well-disciplined and well-behaved students.
  • The school will prepare each student for success in college and career, inspire a lifelong love of learning and foster responsible citizenship.

Director Message

Education is a basic ingredient for achieving full human potential. It has been a constant endeavor of Highland Hall Convent School to nurture and develop individual student who are confident, intelligent, physically fit, mentally stable and proud Indian denizens.

Education now days is not limited to seeking knowledge and getting good grades alone but require important traits to be developed like Leadership, master in life skills, public speaking skills, and acquiring new skills like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Principal Of HighLand Hall Convent School Aasanvali Janta Road Saharanpur

Principal Message

We at Highland Hall, recognize each child as an individual – with his own set of strengths and weaknesses. We do not judge. We set our children free to fly High with endurance in the sky of life. Their wings spread wide open because each child is capable of living life with joy.

Ms. Taruna Kapil